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Daily Motivation

The monotony of the daily routine work sucks away all the zeal out of it and your motivation and gusto for work, howsoever strong it initially might be, is drained out. You feel tired and you do not feel like working. Your productivity suffers and raises the eyebrows of your employer. It disturbs you deeply if you are self employed. The lack of motivation for your work is a great challenge.

The best way to recharge the battery of your motivation is to create desires. Visualize clearly the fruits of your efforts. Your dream to buy a beautiful new house in the lush mountains can be realized if you maintain the tempo of your work. Be your own salesman. Sell your dreams to yourself. Place a picture of your dream house on your table. Look at it; admire it whenever you feel tired.

Lack of motivation to act may affect you in many other walks of life, besides your business. Your spouse is about to walk away from your house. Life without her would spell disaster for you and your children. But you are diffident in taking up issue with her.

One way to motivate you to talk out with her is to mentally picturize your children crying for her after she goes away. The sad predicament of your children in trying to choose between you and your spouse may motivate you and you may feel like talking with her at once and clearing off the cobwebs of mistrust. The pain of not acting may motivate you to take action to restore peace to your family life.

Keep a book of scriptures containing inspirational and motivational sermons on your study table.

Read it the first thing regularly after taking your bath in the morning. The central theme of Gita, the holy text of the Hindus, for example, is to perform your duty of karma or taking action without bothering about the rewards. Numerous books of motivational sayings are available in the market. Buy one and read it daily, or, whenever your spirits go down. Read the success stories of millionaires or those who rose to power and glory by dint of untiring hard work. Subscribe to a website that sends you an inspiring saying or two daily to keep you up and running. Several daily newspapers contain motivational lines on their editorial pages which appear regularly at fixed spots. Make a habit of reading them daily as you take your morning cup of tea.

Develop the habit of saying some prayer daily on the lines of: Give us this day our daily bread. Substitute the words ‘daily bread’ with some suitable phrases and words like ‘keep me up and going today’ or any others that suit your temperament.

Share and discuss your plans and dreams with your partner or wife. She may goad you up and provide reasons for carrying on with your work if you slump down. The embarrassment of not keeping up your promises or acting to realize them may keep you running on the track.

If you have children, remember that you are a role model for them and if you allow yourself to be run down by your moodiness and lethargy you will be setting a negative example for them. Late rising parents inculcate late rising habits in their children also. Go for morning walks or take exercises daily to keep your energy level up. Sick and weak body creates numerous excuses for not working.

Always remain aware of what will happen if you do not act today. Nobody else is going to carry your burden for you. Think deeply of the happy consequences of acting and unhappy ones of postponing.

Take your work as a challenge like climbing a difficult and treacherous rout to a mountain top. Challenges build confidence, vigor and excitement. Think of the spectacular view that you alone would enjoy while standing triumphantly on its summit.

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