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Ways to Motivate Employees

Keeping the employees motivated is a big headache for the employers as the lack of motivation impedes productivity. More and more employees tend to leave the jobs or lose productivity due primarily for the lack of motivation. Here are some steps that can motivate your employees:

1. Salaries

The salary of an employee should not only match the nature of his work, but should be sufficient enough to sustain him also. Sometimes, the work is very simple and is not directly related to its productivity. For example, a receptionist only receives the visitors to the factory and it is only the engineers and technicians who are engaged in the actual production. If the receptionist is not paid well enough to survive, his motivation to work will fall down and he would not be able to do the work properly.

2. Level of difficulty

The level of the difficulty of the work should match the ability of the worker. While some workers want to be engaged into challenging jobs, there are numerous others who remain happy with the type of work that they can do easily, almost mechanically.  Even if an employee loves a challenging job, it does not mean that it should be too difficult for his abilities. It will soon unnerve and tire him resulting in the loss of motivation.

3. All work and no play maxim

All work and no entertainment makes a job boring and kills the motivation of the worker. The employer should arrange entertainment programs in the place of work and allow the workers to participate in them. This will refresh and rejuvenate their dwindling energies and they will return to work with renewed strength.

4. Reward and appreciation

Monetary rewards such as regular increases in remuneration keep the workers going on with their work, but their motivation level can be further boosted if their special and innovative efforts to increase productivity are rewarded with matching monetary incentives.

While monetary rewards create motivation, a few words of appreciation increase the value of the reward itself. Some workers want appreciation even more than monetary rewards as they are already more than well paid.

5. Engage a psychic counsellor for the employees

Sometimes, an intelligent and hardworking employee refuses to feel motivated despite the monetary rewards and appreciative remarks. The reason in such cases lies too deep for the employer or even his human resource specialist to investigate and remedy. Engage the services of a psychic in such cases if you do not want to lose that employee.


How to Motivate People

Motivation is one thing that can greatly uplift one’s performance in work. Thus, being motivated is essential in everything that we do. When one person is given some things he/she desires, that person may experience a great deal of motivation. Also, motivation involves respect and recognition from the people who express it. Once a subordinate feels motivated, he must not do it due to monetary gains, for example, but also due to the recognition he provides his/her manager.


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