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Motivation is creating a state of mind that moves one to action. An important question that is assuming urgency with the passage of time is how to keep the team of workers in the workplace motivated continuously.

The motivation level of the workers can be sustained at a high degree by making them realize the consequences of improving the productivity, or, being negligent towards it. Help your team of workers to realize the hope and benefit of working conscientiously and the fear of not doing so. In other words, use the carrot and the stick policy. A good and resounding example for a defaulter in form of demotion or salary deduction and a high praise accompanied with the monetary rewards and promotion for the productive employee can act as strong drivers or motivators to keep the entire team of your workforce racing fast. A strong action in just one case can become an example for all.

But before taking any harsh or extreme punitive step, it is important to try to analyze and understand the causes of slackness. Your employee may be losing interest in his job due to his anxiety over the illness of his wife or kids. Similarly he may be facing some other personal or social problem and, therefore, may be under mental pressure. It would be a good idea for the manager to know every employee at a close personal level, his day to day circumstances, his problems and so on. Not only that, he must also create trust and confidence in employees by his ability to come to their aid in their hour of need. It is like creating a personal equation wherein the employees should be able to open their mind without any fear or risk of disapproval. A sense of safety, security, recognition and belongingness can motivate the whole team of workers to continue working with zeal.

Each worker needs to know about other members of his team. If a person knows that he shall work with a friendly, knowledgeful, jovial, helpful and sincere team of fellow workers, his motivation level would be boosted.

An effort should be made to invest the entire team of workers with a collective sense of authority and responsibility. The entire team of workers, at the individual and the collective level should be encouraged to take positive initiatives without having to wait for the permission or decisions to come from above. They must perceive how they would be rewarded and be much better off for efficiently and successfully executing a project in a given time frame.

The workers need to be made aware of the purpose for undertaking a given project. Work opportunities and environment should be so created that each member of the working team finds it possible to align and identify the purpose or the mission of their project with his personal needs and wants. This is essential for long term motivation.

The monotony of the daily routine can be broken by interspersing the project term with occasional interludes of picnics, outings and indoor entertainment activities. The free and frequent availability of tea, coffee, fruits or snacks fill and reinvigorate the body and refresh and stimulate the mind besides breaking the monotony of work. The executives tend to work with renewed energy, focus and motivation.

All these facilities and incentives will, however, fail to work if the entire team is not professionally qualified to take up the work assigned to them. In an electrical project, some of the members of the team of workers lost the momentum and the work starting suffering. When the reason was investigated it was found that some of the electricians were conduit specialists while the others were cable tray specialists. Yet another group consisted of some people who were simply not interested with the cable terminations. This was a unique combination of employees whose wants and needs clashed with each other and the team’s purpose.


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