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Employee Motivation

Ever wondered why employees in some companies and workplaces are more energised, enthusiastic, creative, and hardworking? The answer lies in one magical root, which is known as ‘Employee Motivation’. A concept ignored by most companies, Employee Motivation is the key to success in all workplaces.

So the central question remains—what is Employee Motivation and why its presence is so important for us?

Employee Motivation refers to the motivation or drive or urge present within an individual, which enables him or her to work productively, creatively, and efficiently.

Although performance of an employee depends greatly on the inherent and acquired abilities and skills, the implementation of skills requires a drive or urge within the employee to succeed and this is where Employee Motivation plays an important role.

Impartial treatment of employees, positive reinforcements, incentives, personal interaction, rewarding after meeting goals, satisfaction of needs, and many more factors can all lead to infusing a greater degree of Employee Motivation in any workplace.

Employee Motivation differs from one employee to the other, depending upon the priorities, views, and personal aims, and goals of an employee. Therefore, when Employee Motivation is desired, employers should first investigate the goals and needs of their employees before instituting any change which they feel would certainly lead motivation among employers.

In order to study objectively the different driving factors behind Employee Motivation, numerous famous psychologists and others have researched and propounded different Employee Motivation theories. According to such theories, motivation depends upon a range of factors, varying from satisfying basic needs, such as physiological needs, to other psychological needs, such as self-actualisation needs.

Contrary to the popular belief, money and fear do not qualify as strong motivators in motivating employees. Employee participation in key decisions of a company, employee recognition, positive feedback and appreciation, and many others are held to be better motivators than any other monetary factors.

Although hard to accomplish, Employee Motivation remains a basic ingredient for creativity, success, and flawless performance of employees and hence, is an indispensable part of every workplace.

Ways to Motivate Employees

Learn ways to succesfully motivate your employees by following some of our ideas on this list.

Employee Motivators

Everyone has certain motivators which make us more productive. Knowing our own motivators is the first step of recording employee motivators for a purpose.

Job Motivation

A person usually becomes successful in their chosen career path if they have the energy and determination to do their job well, that is, if they are motivated. 

Getting Motivated at Work

Getting motivated can be an essential part of a job. When one gets motivated, he/she tends to work in full force of his/her abilities. Find ways to nourish your motivation to become a productive employee.

Motivation and Leadership

Leadership can be easily defined as someone who is tasked to lead a certain group towards a certain goal. Leading a group is hard to accomplish. There are many factors involved in becoming a good leader. Motivation plays an essential role in attaining good leadership skills. There are four pointers in which motivation can help one in guiding his/her subordinates in the job.

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