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If I knew you weren’t going to be here tomorrow, would I treat you as I am treating you now?

More’s the point, how would I treat myself if I had some Divine knowledge that tomorrow this earthly existence would be but dust..?


In this express-lane, fast-food driven, greed-motivated, weight-controlled, acquisitive society of ours, somewhere somehow we, as the children of this earth, got stuck in the devils playground and forgot how to just play and breathe in self-love. Have we forgotten how self motivation can be the best motivation for us.

“Responsibility! Discipline! Motivation!” How many of us had those words screamed at us from over-zealous fathers, mothers, teachers, coaches, friends? And when do we really take heed and change our lives... become whom we only ever dreamt of being…? Had the courage to change our job…? The motivation to be who really want to be…?

The time is NOW!

The time to self-motivate will only ever be RIGHT NOW.

When we learn to take responsibility for every aspect of our lives, motivated success can only but follow, it is inevitable, like the force of the tides and as sure as the sun. Self-motivation need merely have its humble beginnings right here, for when we truly accept that we create our realities, then we are firmly in control.

And the best part about being motivated, in control and taking responsibility for our ‘doings’ and more importantly, our ‘thinkings’, is then being able to renounce control and swim with the fishes and dream with the wind. It is often in our letting go that we truly wake up.


Putting off achieving your goals merely creates a void in your life, a sense of waiting for something to happen. This waiting can actually become the most tangible part of the dream and in this state we often never get motivated or courageous enough to dive in head-first. Start small, big things will follow:

To be self-motivated - BE FIRST!

  • Be the first to smile.
  • Be the first to forgive.
  • Be the first to congratulate.
  • Be the first to take action.
  • …be the last to complain, the last to frown and the last to give up.

To be self-motivated - BE CONFIDENT!

  • Take your confidence from the beauty of nature.
  • Take your confidence from compassion; become skilled at listening and learn much before you teach.

To be self-Motivated – LIVE LIFE 100%

  • Make mistakes and make them boldly; you get no do-overs in each life here. Mistakes can be our greatest teachers.
  • Get out of your comfort-zone often. This gets empty and un-challenging. Make new discoveries, new friends, new ideas, new loves often and without fear.
  • Remember that doubt and fear are only thoughts, and we have control over them at every second of every day.
  • Pain, disappointment, hurt, love-lost are divine catapults into a greater awareness of who we and where we are going. From great suffering comes great accomplishment.

Today doesn’t have to be the same as yesterday, you can make it better. Remember, the time to self-motivate will only ever be RIGHT NOW.

The keys to achieving this are ACTION and POSITIVITY.

If you think you can and truly believe it so and then take the first fledgling step of action, you have completed half your goal already.

Even more powerful is to think it already done. Close your eyes, see it, feel how great it feels to have achieved your goal and then set the importance of the outcome free.

Open your eyes, stretch your arms to the sun, take a deep energizing breath and take that first step…

You have just motivated yourself towards the creation of your dream…

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