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Intrinsic and Extrinsic Motivation

There are two types of motivation – intrinsic and extrinsic. These are motivation types which are used by most psychologists in today’s time in determining the effects of certain events and objects in developing one’s motivation. The effects of both types might feel the same with regard to the amount of excitement it brings to the individual. Nonetheless, intrinsic and extrinsic motivation may arrive at different times and may be found at different places.

Intrinsic Motivation

This type of motivation comes from the person’s inside sentiments. When a person does something that he/she really likes, it considers this work as something just like a reward. This type is exhibited when a person exhibits something that he/she likes. Some examples include computer activities, school games, playing instruments, cooking, reading books, etc. These are the things that would not leave you bored unless done repetitively. By doing such things during idle times, you experience pleasure. You never procrastinate while doing this. You almost want to do it all the time but you still have work to do. In short, intrinsic motivators are things that your mind wants and enjoys.

There are many possibilities of acquiring such motivation. You may put aside what you are doing first in order to complete tasks that would provide you enjoyment. Nonetheless, as a responsible individual, you should use these tasks as inspiration and not bad influences. You may find them fun to do but you still need to return to the work you have left.

It is in your own decision to manage your thoughts. Your life depends on your hands. It is in your own spirit to create better work through the help of these motivators. When you encounter things which provide you intrinsic motivation, you will see that it is easy to focus your attention towards your goal. You are deeply attentive even to small details. Your performance in your job increases rapidly with best effort. And lastly, you do the work even without anyone telling you or there are no rewards whatsoever at stake for you to gain.

Extrinsic Motivation

Extrinsic motivation utilizes external sources of motivation. You tend to find something from others or external objects which will greatly let you want to strive better for work. This can serve as reward once you achieve the goal. For example, during college life you tend to exert too much effort in studying. You may find yourself bummed with all the school work ahead of you. However, once you remember the college diploma at stake after this phase, you tend to crawl over that certain key for your success. Nevertheless, at the end of the day, you will find yourself still bothered about getting the goal due to the negative motivators you are encountering.

Dealing with extrinsic motivation, you may find yourself having difficulty to acquire focus. You are more inclined in procrastinating. You want to achieve the goal but the rough road shadows you way towards it. You can also see the high standards you must deal with and having yourself not to care much about it. You will not hunger too much for the goal because there is not much reward at the finish line.

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